About Group - Don't Worry *Single of the day*(21/6/11)
A Genuine Freakshow – Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness * Single of the day * (14/3/11)
ALB (feat.The Shoes) - Golden Chains *Single of the day*(10/6/11)
Alessi's Ark - Wire (21/2/11)
All Mankind - Break The Spell *Single of the day*(14/5/11)
A Lull - Weapons For War *Single of the day* (6/3/11)
Antlered Man - Surrounded By White Men *Single of the day*(17/4/11)
Art Brut - Lost Weekend *Single of the day*(16/5/11)
Athletes In Paris - Borrowed Time *Single of the day* (6/4/11)
Ava Takes A Walk - Loose Lips Sink Ships(1/6/11)
Bel And The Boy - Best Not To Say It *Single of the day*(29/4/11)
The Big Crunch Theory - Arrows (10/3/11)
Big Fox - Saturday *Single of the day*(30/5/11)
Black Mountain - Rollercoaster *Single of the day*(27/4/11)
Boys Don't Cry & Friends - Don't Go Jumping Frogs *Single of the day * (24/2/11)
Boy Mandeville - Killing The Work *Single of the day * (7/3/11)
Bright Spark Destroyer - The Shortest Distance (7/5/11)
Burlap To Cashmere - Build A Wall *Single of the day* (14/6/11)
Butterflies On Strings - What Did John Stuart Mill Say Again ? *Single of the day* (2/4/11)
Captain And The Kings - It Is The Mercy *Single of th day * (10/3/11)
Carbon Airways - Razor Edge *Single of the day* (23/4/11)
Chicros - Within You (Starring Brisa Roché) * Single of the day * (1/3/11)
Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight (9/3/11)
Coal Train - Carry You On My Shoulders *Single of the day* (1/5/11)
Cults - Go Outside (18/2/11)
Cults - You Know What I Mean (31/3/2011)
The Dandies - Battle Cry *Single of the day*(19/5/11)
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Two Against One(Starring Jack White)*Single of the day*(13/4/11)
Das Fluff - Hey You *Single of the day* (5/4/11)
Dead Shyre - Never Missed A Note *Single of the day*(9/5/11)
The Dears - Blood * Single of day * (18/3/11)
Dimbleby & Capper - Let You Go * Single of the day * (20/3/11)
Doom Unit - Reckoning Day *Single of the day* (25/3/11)
Elbow - Open Arms *Single of the day*(24/4/11)
The Explorer's Collective - The Factory * Single of the day * (21/3/11)
Fatty Gets A Stylist - Are You Ready ? (11/6/11)
Feeder - Side By Side *Single of the day* (1/4/11)
Feldberg - Don't Be A Stranger *Single of the day* (4/3/11)
Felix Fables - The Stories I Could Tell * Single of the day* (2/3/11)
Luke Fenlon - Summer *Single of the day* (18/4/11)
Fight Like Apes - Jenny Kelly *Single of the day* (4/4/11)
Fists - Ascending *Single of the day* (21/2/11)
Shona Foster - Bad Intentions *Single of the day*(24/5/11)
Found - Anti Climb Paint *Single of the day*(6/6/11)
Frankie & The Heartstrings - That Postcard (6/5/2011)
Freeze The Atlantic - Waking Up *Single of the day* (20/4/11)
Gavin Friday - Able *Single of the day*(17/5/11)
Funeral Party - New York City Move To The Sound of L.A. *Single of the day*(14/4/11)
Funeral Suits - Colour Fade(1/6/11)
Furlo - Your Entire Glows (23/2/11)
Nick Garrie - Can I Stay With You (6/5/11)
Gentle Mystics - Spiralling Breeze *Single of the day*(11/6/11)
The Goldberg Sisters - Shush *Single of the day* (30/3/11)
GoGoBot - Do You Remember ? *Single of the day*(7/6/11)
GoGoBot - First Class Fool - *Single of the day* (31/3/11)
Gomez - Options (2/6/11)
Hey!b - Other Side *Single of the day* (8/5/11)
The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - My Love For Evermore *Single of the day* (9/4/11)
Alex Hulme - There Was A Boy *Single of the day*(17/6/11)
Hungry Ghosts - By The Bridge *Single of the day*(5/5/11)
Ice Black Birds - 22:22 *Single of the day* (24/3/11)
Imperial Leisure - Dead Model (15/3/11)
The Irrationals - Worthy Girl *Single of the day*(25/5/11)
Cosmo Jarvis - Sure As Hell Not Jesus *Single of the day*(1/6/11)
Alain Johannes - Return To You *Single of the day* (20/5/11)
Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness * Single of the day * (19/3/11)
Jonny Cola & The A-Grades - Postcode Wars *Single of the day*(23/6/11)
Miles Kane - Come Closer (24/2/11)
Miles Kane - Rearrange (2/4/11)
Kentish Fire - So Unpredictable *Single of the day* (30/4/11)
Keren Ann - My Name Is Trouble *Single of the day* (10/5/11)
Annah Mac - Celia *Single of the day*(13/6/11)
Kid Mac - Hear You Calling (Featuring Mat McHugh) *Single of the day* (11/3/11)
King Jacks - I'm Not The One *Single of the day*(29/3/11)
Ki:Theory - Holiday Heart *Single of the day*(29/5/11)
Iliana King - I Will Be King (8/5/11)
The Leisure Society - This Phantom Life *Single of the day*(25/4/11)
Local Girls - Polished *Single of the day*(21/4/11)
Lost State Of Dance - War Against *Single of the day* 26/3/11
The Lovely Eggs – Fuck It *Single of the day*(3/6/11)
Dan Mangan - Sold *Single of the day*(22/6/11)
Malachi - Let 'Em Fall *Single of the day* (22/2/11)
Teresa Mascianà - Out Of There *Single of the day*(11/4/11)
Mausi - Follow Me Home *Single of the day* (8/3/11)
Mazes - Most Days *Single of the day* (10/4/11)
The Miserable Rich - Anything's Possible *Single of the day*(20/6/11)
Miss Jacobs - Lisa Williams *Single of the day*(12/6/11)
My Passion - The Mess We Made Of Our Lives *Single of the day*(22/4/11)
Neo Retros - The High-Rise In The Sunshine *Single of the day*(3/4/11)
NewVillager - Lighthouse *Single of the day* (27/3/11)
Noemi – Ça Brûle *Single of the day*(4/6/11)
Ocasan - When You're Aroung *Single of the day* (4/5/11)
Okkervil River - Wake And Be Fine - *Single of the day* (23/3/11)
Open Swimmer - Sugar Bowl *Single of the day *( 28/2/11)
Outer Limits Recordings - $20 Bill (21/2/11)
Paperface - The Man Who Can't Say No *Single of the day*(15/4/11)
Pete And The Pirates - Come To The Bar *Single of the day*(15/3/11)
The Pierces - Glorious *Single of the day* (27/5/11)
Planningtorock - Doorway (21/2/11)
Pope Joan - A Drowning * Single of the day * (22/3/11)
The Raveonettes - Apparitions *Single of the day*(15/6/11)
Kinsy Ray - Man In The Street (10/3/11)
Gruff Rhys - Honey All Over *Single of the day*(23/5/11)
Rocketeer - The Cowardly Soldier's Lament * Single of the day * 16/3/11
Rock In Your Pocket - Doubtbox *Single of the day*(9/6/11)
Rock Mafia - Fly Or Die *Single of the day*(23/5/11)
Rooga - Take Me Away *Single of the day*(28/4/2011)
Room Island - Stand Tall *Single of the day* (26/4/11)
Roxy's Wardrobe - Blitz And Pieces (9/3/11)
Russian Red - I Hate You But I Love You (1/4/11)
Satellite Stories - Family *Single of the day*(16/6/11)
Scanners - Salvation *Single of the day* (25/2/11)
Seeräuber Jenny - Avalanche (6/3/11)  
Serenades - Birds *Single of the day* (28/5/11)
Sergeant Buzfuz - Dannys Room *Single of the day*(31/5/11)
Shane Shu - I See Sheep Fall From The Sky *Single of the day*(3/5/2011)
Ryan Sheridan - The Dreamer *Single of the day*(19/4/11)
Solar Taxi - The Fool *Single of the day*(18/5/11)
Stephen Young & The Union - Coke & Rum (1/3/11)
The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Come On You Young Philosophers! *Single of the day*(15/5/11)
Studio Killers - Ode To The Bouncer *Single of the day*(13/5/11)
Syd Matters - River Sister *Single of the day*(16/4/11)
Swimming - Sun In The Island *Single of the day* (12/3/11)
Take That - Kidz (21/2/11)
Tally Hall - You & Me *Single of the day*(6/5/2011)
Thomas Tantrum - Hot Hot Summer *Single of the day*(8/6/11)
Thomas Tantrum - Sleep *Single of the day* (28/3/11)
To Kill A King Fictional State *Single of the day*(2/6/11)
Toy Horses - And It Was You *Single of the day* (26/2/11)
Odran Trümmel - Rabid Dog *Single of the day*(21/5/11)
tUnE-yArDs - Bizness *Single of the day* (7/4/11)
Two Beats Apart - I Want You Anyway *Single of the day* (8/4/11)
Veto - Spun *Single of the day*(12/4/11)
Video Villain - Fearless * Single of the day * (17/3/11)
Jenny Wilson - Bad Waters *Single of the day* (9/3/11)
Jamie Woon - Lady Luck (22/2/11)
Young Legionnaire - Numbers *Single of the day*(7/5/11)
Young Rebel Set – Lion's Mouth *Single of the day*(26/5/11)
Zambian Astronaut - Underworld (feat.Werd) *Single of the day* (3/3/11)

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