Friday, 10 June 2011

Silver Street – Millionaire (You Make Me Feel) release date 6/6/2011

I'm reviewing Millionaire(You Make Me Feel) because it shows the egalitarian nature of the digital platform for releasing singles. I've quite enjoyed the track this week and as such it made my shortlist but it wasn't in my first choices to review. Then I noticed it had 5 views (11 at time of writing) on YouTube and Silver Street are pretty much invisible to Google. No facebook, no twitter they've just recorded and released it.

The one nod to any marketing is a the video done by their friends Naz, Paz and Aaz. Because of that I listened to it and can tell you what a pleasant experience it was. That's the great equalizer of the digital marketplace, release a single, stick it on You Tube and there's half a chance some saddo like me will listen and review it. Just a black screen with the track playing over it will do, as long as it's titled and tagged I'll find it.

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