Saturday, 4 June 2011

Noemi – Ça Brûle * Single of the day * release date 30/5/2011

The first single of the day that doesn't have English lyrics Ça Brûle has an overall feel that made it impossible to ignore. Of course French is possibly the most lyrical language so that's not particularly a barrier and the way Noemi presents the song lessens my requirement to know the meaning of the words.

I'm sure Noemi won't mind a comparison to Kate Bush in her vocal style and sound. In fact there is a rather good clip of her covering Army Dreamers, a link is attached, together with a link to the acoustic version of Ça Brûle, which if anything is even more gorgeous.

Ça Brûle is the lead track of the Noemi E.P.


  1. I love Noemi, I discovered her last year by accident looking for Army Dreamer's covers :) She ahs a mesmerizing voice, I love the acoustic version of Ça Brûle, but I really wish I had the lyrics for this song :( I don't speak french, google translates the title as: "that burns" makes me curious to know what this song is all about, great review

  2. Thanks for liking the review, I'd love to know the lyrics too because they're always an important part of a song for me, but I agree that Noemi's voice and performance are so good it balances out :)