Friday, 6 May 2011

Nick Garrie – Can I Stay With You release date 2/5/2011

Strictly speaking Can I Stay With You is not a new single. In fact given that it was recorded over 40 years ago I'm having to adopt the loosest usage of the word 'new' but there are mitigating circumstances.

The album that the song comes from, The Nightmare of JB Stanislas, was released by Nick Garrie in 1969. However due to certain problems, not least of which was the suicide of the owner of the record label it was relased on, it's sales only just stretched into double figures.Thus it became one of the most collectable records of the 60's.

Fast forward 40 years and it's now available digitally, which I'm pretty much makes it new to the world. My justification over all that there is left to say is that Can I Stay With You is a wonderfully rich orchestral ballad that has waited a long time to be appreciated. 

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