Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Solar Taxi – The Fool * Single of the day * release date 13/5/2011

The Fool is on Solar Taxi's E.P. She Dies With Beautiful Teeth and is certainly the most electronic track on the record. From the opening drum beats and sequencer like keyboard into there's no doubt what route The Fool is going down and is doesn't disappoint. What impresses is that the path we are led alongs littered with lovely vocal hooks and enclosed is an engaging production.

The rest of the E.P. highlights the versatility of this Waterford quartet. The track Peachy Peach is towards the rock end of the spectrum whilst Glass Hearts mixes it up a bit and White Lights is acoustic. If early releases define a bands sound it's heartening that Solar Taxi have left plenty of room for a few twists and turns.

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