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I'm a big fan of free downloads for the purposes of building a following and I'm more than happy to be a conduit for artists who wish to do that. I'm not a freetard though, if you want to ensure the continued existence of good music then those producing it need some compensation at some point. The only downloads available will be from the artists official pages and most will require your email address.

Hopefully you'll find lots of tracks to enjoy and lots of new artists to follow.

Drama – ISO 

ISO is a well produced and written rock track that drives though all the way. The more I listen to it the more I like it for this is a straight up song with no novelty and no faults. Ian Gordon has a great voice, putting across the lyrics with real conviction and the band lay down a track that underpins him perfectly.

As far as I'm aware ISO is only available for free download, but it will be on the CD of Classic Rock Magazine's May edition if you want a hard copy.        My Space page with free download link

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