Friday, 15 April 2011

Paperface – The Man Who Can't Say No * Single Of The Day * 15/4/2011

The Man Who Can't Say No is a track from the If We Were Cats E.P. by the band almost formally known as Paperface. They'll be changing moniker soon, presumably to avoid clashing with an American band who beat them to the name and are looking for something containing 'Titan'. My suggestions would be 'Titan Rising' or 'Caves Of Titan' but I'm sure they'll welcome some more input on their facebook page. That said I'll get on with the review.

Any track that starts off with an excerpt from the shipping forecast is generally going to be interesting and The Man Who Can't say know is no exception. It interweaves almost afro-beats in with straight forward rock to create a sound that is very distinctive and satisfying. They hint at a harder edge going into the rousing middle eight before effectively turning the verse into a second chorus to complete the song. Good stuff. 

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N.B. Just to update the story they chose the name Bear Makes Ninja.

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