Monday, 21 February 2011

Take That – Kidz release date 21/2/2011

Mark Owen's distinctive vocals have always suited these bouncy tracks, but there is certainly some influence from Robbie in the title. I expect in anticipation of an inevitable greatest hits of Take That and Robbie Williams anthology Kids was changed to Kidz to avoid any confusionwith his Kylie Minogue duet.

Kudos to Take That though, this is a great track with an originality about it, which I much prefer to The Flood. Given that they will sell records anyway its great to hear them still evolving their sound.

The subject matter of the song, the ruling order is bad, but don't worry the kids will sort it out is a bit old hat. Lets face it the 'kids' Rik was pinning his hopes on in the Young Ones maintained the status quo, as did the punks and the hippies before them. Every generation submits in the end, I don't see any signs that this one is any different, unless of course you're Egyptian.

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