Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Room Island – Stand Tall * Single of the day * release date 22/4/2011

Stand Tall throws up an interesting question, just what can be achieved by “redirecting our power”? Obviously in the western world the real power lays in the economic choices of the masses.

Ask any general fan of music, who is outside the target market of the majors, if they find the majority of songs in the chart exciting and you will get a resounding 'no'. My guess is that most people reading this review would agree that the charts are not quite as vibrant and diverse as they should be given the vast amount of great music released every week.

The trick is that the charts are an election in which you pay to vote. Buy music you like and, if enough people do likewise, it shows up in the charts, the major labels see it sells and sign up more original acts. The additional promotion propels these acts further into the mainstream changing what is considered to be popular.

Room Island are therefore right in this example, a revolution can come, I just wonder why it's taking so long.

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