Monday, 21 March 2011

The Explorer's Collective – The Factory * Single of the day * 21/3/2011

The Explorer's Collective describe their sound as hardcore pop and having voraciously devoured all their tracks available on the internet I wouldn't disagree. The Factory, however, is Funk Rock at its best. As with all their songs it is extremely clever lyrically and together with the action packed instrumentation is probably the best song covering the credit crunch and its aftermath I've heard (their track Bangers And Mash is also one of the best about serial killers).

Gary Brady and Loren Scott deserve big plaudits too for a fantastic video which is up there with Gerald Scarfe's production for Another Brick In The Wall. I've identified fourteen of the albums going into the mincer (listed in the comments, feel free to add any I've missed).

I'm absolutely amazed that at time of writing the track only has 250 views on You Tube, it deserves at least 100 times that. Of course that gives you the opportunity to get the kudos for recommending it to your friends, what are you waiting for ? 

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  1. Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band & Let It Be, Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon & Animals, Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run & Born In The USA, Michael Jackson - Thriller, Queen - Queen II, ELO - Out Of The Blue, Supertramp - Breakfast In America, Blondie - Parallel Lines, Prince - Purple Rain, Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell, Kraftwerk - The Man Machine