Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ra Ra Riot – Too Dramatic * Single of the day * release date 8/5/2011

Starting with lovely string tones Too Dramatic promises to be perfectly dramatic. It's not new to include classical instrumentation as an integral sound in a rock band, ELO did it incredibly successfully over 40 years ago, however the approach is so rare that it sounds extraordinary when it is done and Ra Ra Riot do it well.

The benefit is that the orchestration feels a complete part of the songs creation rather than being added to augment or modify the production.

Too Dramatic is taken from Ra Ra Riot's new album, The Orchard, the European release of which has been delayed by the bands departure from the V2 label. Happily though it will be available this side of the pond on the 15th of May for download and the 23rd of May on CD.

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