New Release List

UK New Single Releases Week Beginning 27/6/2011
Release dates and genres are according to Amazon. Genre key I=Independent & Alternative,  P=Pop,  R=Rock

 Artist Title Release Date
3Oh!3 Robot 28/06/11 I
A5 Richtung WIR Einsichtartig 01/07/11 P
Andy Eastwood Forever 30/06/11 P
Andy Ruck Princess Butterfly 30/06/11 PR
Attack Attack! Last Breath 27/06/11 R
Avril Lavigne Smile 03/07/11 P
B.C. & CO. When the Walls Crashed In 27/06/11 I
Bears and the Woods On The Dancefloor 27/06/11 I
Bella Spinks Words 01/07/11 I
Bene Schreiber, Carrie K. & John Davis Jede Menge Leben 01/07/11 P
Black Jack Orchestra Tabula Rasa 01/07/11 R
Black Tide That Fire 27/06/11 R
Blowsight Poker Face 01/07/11 P
Blowsight Bandit For Life 01/07/11 R
Blowsight Toxic 01/07/11 R
Boots Electric Boots Electric Theme 27/06/11 R
Caged Animals Girls On Medication 03/07/11 I
Caleb Gray Thick Girls 01/07/11 R
Captain Gips Was Ihr Liebt 01/07/11 P
Chris Singleton Yes It Is 27/06/11 I
Claudia C. featuring DJ Fred Be My Lover 01/07/11 P
Claus Glückner Gaga Lady [Explicit] 01/07/11 P
Colonel Elvis Pants Unbuttoned 01/07/11 R
Conscience Perception Ep 01/07/11 I
Daphnia Monolog EP 28/06/11 P
Ddm On 28/06/11 IR
Dead Guitars Feels Alright 01/07/11 I
Dean Raven Cant Stop (Loving You) 30/06/11 P
Dear Joe Miles Away 28/06/11 IR
[de:ad:cibel]  Jerusalem Syndrom EP 01/07/11 I
Deep Kick Baby God 27/06/11 R
Devon Williams Your Sympathy 28/06/11 I
Didz Jus Like 27/06/11 I
Die Bikinimeister Women gehen schwimmen 01/07/11 P
Die Monitr Batss Spread Your Legs and Release the Bats 28/06/11 IR
Dirty Vegas Little White Doves 28/06/11 P
Dogs And Demons Guernica 01/07/11 R
Dr Bellido, Roger G  La Taza 28/06/11 P
Falling In Reverse The Drug In Me Is You 28/06/11 I
Feather And Down Piece Of Flesh 27/06/11 P
Fighting Fiction Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead And Its Corpse Is For Sale 03/07/11 R
Gabriella-Project Karussell der Liebe 01/07/11 P
Grass House A Cradle, A Short Breath 27/06/11 I
Grouplove Itchin' On A Photograph 03/07/11 I
Guillemots I Must Be A Lover 03/07/11 I
Hank Sundown & The Roaring Cascades Solitaire 01/07/11 R
Hesham Watany Progression Of Life 28/06/11 P
Housework Anarchy EP 28/06/11 P
Hysterica Heels Of Steel 28/06/11 R
Icon For Hire Make A Move 03/07/11 R
Igor Vitkevich Acoustic Astronomy 03/07/11 R
Ironing Board Old But Not Least 01/07/11 I
iwrestledabearonce Karate Nipples 03/07/11 R
Jacen Bruce Slap Bass 01/07/11 R
James Dawson Native 02/07/11 P
Janne Raappana Kaunis Kotimaa 03/07/11 P
Japanese Voyeurs Cry Baby 03/07/11 I
Jason Waggoner Fools Gold 28/06/11 P
Jay FM Out Of Control EP 28/06/11 P
Jedward Bad Behaviour 03/07/11 P
Jennifer Ashley Love Ready - EP 28/06/11 P
Jesus Martin Open Your Eyes 27/06/11 P
JI Pride - EP 03/07/11 R
Jimmy Martin Kreschtdag steet vrun eiser diir 01/07/11 P
Jimmy Martin All kanner op der Welt 01/07/11 P
Jimmy Somerville Momentum EP 27/06/11 P
Joe Jonas See No More 03/07/11 P
Kenton Chen Fierce Tears EP 01/07/11 P
Killtheskylight  Time 30/06/11 R
King Melodies You Will Win EP 29/06/11 IP
Laura Roppé George Clooney 27/06/11 P
LayZee I Want To... 29/06/11 P
Lctrisc Reach The Children (Book of Doom) 27/06/11 IP
Li Belle Sommerabend 01/07/11 P
Liam Bailey It's Not The Same EP 03/07/11 P
Lost In Desire The Vampire Ep 01/07/11 I
Lyrical Fée, MC Free Flow LondonTown 29/06/11 P
macy  Passing Moments 01/07/11 P
Marcelle Ash Summer Shine On Me 27/06/11 I
Mary Ocher the sound of war 01/07/11 P
Maxence Jardin d'Eden 28/06/11 I
MC Zulu Baila Mundo (Bionik Club Mix) 28/06/11 P
Michelle O Faith Tainted 29/06/11 R
Mike Lembo Life of the party 28/06/11 P
Minerve  Down To The Ground EP 01/07/11 I
Miss 600 Twist 03/07/11 P
Mmii Delta 9 28/06/11 R
Morning After You're So Disco 01/07/11 IR
Nadine Kraemer Band Why Do I 01/07/11 P
New Look The Ballad 27/06/11 P
On Being Human Addicted 28/06/11 IR
OneWorld Freedom For Palestine 03/07/11 P
P.C.P.: Power, Crime & Pussy World Domination 28/06/11 R
Peter Andre Perfect Night 2011 Remix 03/07/11 P
Peter Graham Midori 01/07/11 P
Phoenix Benjamin Country Girl 01/07/11 R
Pope Joan The Celebration 27/06/11 I
Psychowards Handle It 27/06/11 I
Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo The Ghost 27/06/11 IP
Ralph Watching Nothing 27/06/11 I
Red Baron Band Like a Little Child 28/06/11 R
Reno Perez My Heart Cries No 02/07/11 R
Robots In Disguise Chains 27/06/11 P
Scott Bruffey Sugar Sugar (feat. StephGrrl) 01/07/11 P
Sheva Gh Turning Back EP 28/06/11 P
Solity Bitch 01/07/11 R
Somesay Gonna Be 01/07/11 P
Sophia Lorenians Put Your Arms Around Me 27/06/11 P
Sparrow Secret 03/07/11 I
Steve Hatten These Are the Days 01/07/11 P
Straylings Carver's Kicks 27/06/11 I
Suicide Silence  You Only Live Once 03/07/11 R
T-Spoon Sex on the Beach 01/07/11 P
Taletellers The Missiles of Mercy 01/07/11 R
Taro Wakaranai 01/07/11 P
The Art Museums Dancing With A Hole In Your Heart 28/06/11 I
The Blow Monkeys Hangin' on to the Hurt (Let It Go Now) 27/06/11 R
The Copyrights Crutches 28/06/11 I
The Dogbones The Whole World Is Weird 27/06/11 R
The Empiricist Hollywood Hacienda 01/07/11 IP
The EverLove Forever And Ever 28/06/11 R
The Good Natured Skeleton EP 03/07/11 R
The Hyenas You Should Not Operate Machinery 01/07/11 IR
The Hyenas Filthy Electricity 01/07/11 IR
The Irrationals My Baby 03/07/11 R
The Kills Future Starts Slow 27/06/11 I
The lucky bullets Saturday Night 01/07/11 R
The Neon Mile Weight In Gold 27/06/11 P
The Only Children Don't Stop 28/06/11 P
The Perfect Crime  Are We There? 27/06/11 R
The Skuzzies Dissatisfied 27/06/11 R
The Vanish Don't Be Afraid 29/06/11 I
Tim Beam Hands 01/07/11 R
Time Is A Thief Our Game 01/07/11 R
Tirao Guitar Robot 28/06/11 R
Torsson  Bara En Tablett 01/07/11 R
Toxitoys Listen to the Voice of Greed 01/07/11 R
Tribal Higher 01/07/11 R
Two Bob Watch Mean Thing 02/07/11 R
Urban Cone Urban Photograph 27/06/11 P
Valentin Stip  Anytime Will Do EP 27/06/11 I
Waltraut Haas So wars beim Peter und mir 01/07/11 P
When Saints Go Machine Fail Forever Remix EP 27/06/11 P
Zoo Army I'm Alive 01/07/11 R

UK New Single Releases Week Beginning 20/6/2011
Release dates and genres are according to Amazon. Genre key I=Independent & Alternative,  P=Pop,  R=Rock
Artist Title Release Date
About Group Don't Worry 20/06/11 I
Abraham Rockers Festival EP 24/06/11 P
Adlicious Maniac 26/06/11 P
Ali Campbell She's A Lady 21/06/11 P
Ancestors Invisible White 21/06/11 R
Anna Calvi Desire 20/06/11 I
Anne Gabriel Du bist das Ziel 24/06/11 IPR
Assembly Now Graphs, Maps & Trees 22/06/11 I
Ava Making Love 20/06/11 P
Azure' Jihan Baby It's Rainin' 21/06/11 R
Band À Part Una Persona Normal Con Gafas De Metal 20/06/11 IP
Barbie Goes Rock All I Want Is Rock 'n' Roll 21/06/11 R
BassWolf Magic Rider (Part One) 24/06/11 P
Betontod Keine Popsongs 24/06/11 P
Big Talk The Next One Living 21/06/11 I
Black Tide Walking Dead Man 20/06/11 R
Blackshere Lovemachine 20/06/11 P
Blisses B Regal Goodbyes 20/06/11 P
Bnlx Ep #6 20/06/11 I
Bobby Birdman Don t Walk Away 21/06/11 I
Bonafide I Don't Need No Doctor 21/06/11 R
Bonnie "Prince" Billy There Is No God 20/06/11 I
Boy Omega Let The Dark Light In 20/06/11 I
Boys At Work Voglia d'estate 22/06/11 P
Brother New Year's Day 26/06/11 I
Brother & Bones Skin EP 20/06/11 R
Burning Hearts Into The Wilderness 21/06/11 P
Caravage All the Saturday Lies 21/06/11 R
Caravage Don't Be Yourself 21/06/11 R
Caroline Costa Qui je suis 26/06/11 P
Caroline Ty  They Are Only Human, But We Treat Them Like Gods EP 20/06/11 P
Carson Taylor Better Luck Next Time 21/06/11 P
Cashier No 9 Goldstar 20/06/11 I
Catafalque Awakening 21/06/11 R
CeCe Peniston Stoopid (Remix) 21/06/11 P
Checmate All For You 23/06/11 P
Cheetstreet Vinyl Mine 22/06/11 I
Chthonic Takao 20/06/11 R
cirKus Bells Remixes 21/06/11 I
Clouman Des hommes qui se frottent les mains 26/06/11 P
Coma Recovery Goddverb 22/06/11 R
Coop  American Girl (feat. Rantz Davis) 21/06/11 P
Crazy Fucking Loosers Chewing Gum 21/06/11 R
Crystal Stilts Precarious Stair EP 24/06/11 IR
Dan Mangan Sold 20/06/11 I
Danny & Freja If Only You 26/06/11 P
David Cairol Camélia 20/06/11 P
Desireless L'expérience humaine 21/06/11 P
Dir En Grey Different sense 22/06/11 R
Dirt Box Disco Tragic Roundabout 20/06/11 IR
Dirty Epics Enthralled 24/06/11 PR
DJ Tony Roguez Strong Pace 21/06/11 P
Dmitry Nechaev Anonymous 24/06/11 PR
Donovan Plant Be With You 24/06/11 PR
Electric Ocean People Concrete & Machines 24/06/11 IP
Emilie Chick Remixes : Part II 20/06/11 I
Emin Anytime You Fall 26/06/11 P
Enxcet Cascading From Infinity EP 20/06/11 R
Eric Rylee Like I Do 25/06/11 P
Expert Medicine  Chase Remixes Part 2 21/06/11 P
Facto y los amigos del norte Tropical EP 21/06/11 P
Flogging Molly Revolution 26/06/11 I
Follow That Bird Wooden Bones 21/06/11 IR
Gabe Dixon I Can See You Shine 20/06/11 R
Giada de Gioia Donne come fiori 24/06/11 IR
Ginny Owens Before You Fly 26/06/11 P
Goodlooking Trash Tomorrow I'll be gone 21/06/11 R
Goodnight Lenin The Wenceslas Square EP 20/06/11 I
Greg Laffargue Je Teste Ma Mélodie 20/06/11 P
Grinderman Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man 26/06/11 R
Guy Chambers & Sophie Hunter Songs for a Boy EP 26/06/11 I
H.o.z. Richard Dean Anderson EP 24/06/11 IR
Hermajesty The Stranger 20/06/11 IP
Hoop Dreams Xcpr 21/06/11 I
Igor Una cosa sola 20/06/11 P
In Fields In Fields EP 26/06/11 I
Incubus Love Hurts 20/06/11 R
Jack Lucien State of Mind 26/06/11 P
Jess Mills Live For What I'd Die For 26/06/11 P
Joe Public Towers 20/06/11 R
Johnnyboyxo The Countdown 21/06/11 P
Jonny Cola and the A-Grades Postcode Wars EP 20/06/11 R
Jose Ibanez, Xus Guti  Goodbye 24/06/11 P
Kakuzi Animal 20/06/11 I
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Never Lookin' Back 26/06/11 R
King Of Manhattan I'm The Greatest, I'm The Best 20/06/11 I
Konea Ra Little Warrior EP 24/06/11 I
Koradji Holo World 20/06/11 I
KronoVox Todo El Amor Del Mundo 21/06/11 P
La Fouine Toute la night 26/06/11 P
Lance Anthony In the Club 24/06/11 P
Laura Comfort Angelina Jolie 20/06/11 P
Le Strisce Londra 24/06/11 P
Lenny Pierce Shut Your Mouth 21/06/11 P
Lianah Sta. Ana Where Is The Love 20/06/11 P
Life is Beautiful On My Way 21/06/11 PR
Loki Flipped Right Sideways 24/06/11 IPR
Lower Than Atlantis  (Motor) Way Of Life 20/06/11 I
Magnus Gabriels I'm Looping 24/06/11 IP
Magnus Gabriels Wisdom Up For Grabs 24/06/11 IP
Mandango feat. Lariba Leyla 20/06/11 P
Maria & The Mirrors Travel Sex - EP 20/06/11 I
Marianne Rosenberg Und Wenn Ich Sing 24/06/11 P
Marta Jandová  Sister Hit The Goal 26/06/11 P
Mazes Summer Hits (J&J Don't Like) 20/06/11 I
McDonalds Name Names 21/06/11 R
Melveel Dat's Rite 21/06/11 P
Michael Mind Project feat. Sean Kingston Ready Or Not 26/06/11 P
Michael Paynter How Sweet It Is 26/06/11 P
Milknaut Gumboots Girl 20/06/11 IP
Minden Swift Way On 21/06/11 I
Mindweld Close To Heaven 22/06/11 R
Miriam Elea Nimm dir Zeit 24/06/11 P
Molotov Jukebox Double Dare EP 20/06/11 I
Mono Stereo Girl, I Love You 20/06/11 I
Mosaic Sin Palabras 21/06/11 P
Munich All Sussed Out 20/06/11 IR
Nature Set Enough Is Enough 20/06/11 IP
Nella Villa Sogno (feat. Mattigua) 23/06/11 P
Nella Villa Goccia di luna (Live version) 23/06/11 P
No!end & B-Sensual Kickin' 20/06/11 R
Okma & Relups Die Okmattacke 24/06/11 P
Paper Bird Elephant Skin 20/06/11 I
Patriot Rebel What Goes Around 20/06/11 R
Paulini Show Me Your Colors (The Ping Pong Mix) 23/06/11 P
Pop Eye The Night Falls 21/06/11 P
Psychowards Cello My Love 20/06/11 I
Pugwash Answers On A Postcard 26/06/11 P
Quartet San Francisco Five by Four - EP 21/06/11 R
Real One You Don't Fool Me 21/06/11 P
Reckless Love Hot 20/06/11 R
Redsell Brothers Fall 26/06/11 P
Relevant Discord  Dual Singles EP 21/06/11 I
Rendezvous C Sharp 26/06/11 P
Robbie Robertson Fear of Falling 21/06/11 R
Rochelle No Air 26/06/11 P
Rochelle Strong 26/06/11 P
Ruby and the Vines Red Storm 20/06/11 I
Salmon Hall Zombies Unite 24/06/11 R
Sarah Okay 26/06/11 P
Scoundrels Gulf Of Mexico 20/06/11 R
Selena Gomez & The Scene Who Says 26/06/11 P
Signs of Misfortune Anxiety 23/06/11 I
Signs of Misfortune Gaza 23/06/11 I
Slightdown Our Plagues (EP) 21/06/11 R
Slow Motion Replay Red Morning 20/06/11 IR
Snakes Say Hisss Right Behind You 21/06/11 I
Spark! Popkomplex 22/06/11 IP
Starkey feat. Charli XCX Lost In Space 20/06/11 P
Stars Of The Search Party Colours 21/06/11 IR
Steve Adey Just Wait Till I Get You Home 20/06/11 I
Steve Mac The Lord Sent Me An Angel 25/06/11 I
Sula Milian Charity Event 24/06/11 P
Sunny I'm Your Woman 20/06/11 P
Tatiana Owens Waiting by the Window 21/06/11 P
The Alarm Unbreak The Promise 20/06/11 R
The British Public Bloodsports 26/06/11 R
The Copper Field The Standard and Poor's EP 21/06/11 P
The Delusions Right From Wrong 20/06/11 I
The Grown Ups Handholder - EP 21/06/11 I
The Nashville Teens Tobacco Road 20/06/11 P
The Ridgeways Yo! Farahbakhsh 26/06/11 I
The Saturdays Notorious 26/06/11 P
The Skin We're In Silhouette 24/06/11 PR
The Stanley Blacks Everest 20/06/11 I
The Talks Can Stand the Rain 20/06/11 I
The Tony Cannam Set Suzie On A Summer's Day 20/06/11 P
The Voices Self-Titled EP 21/06/11 IR
This Is The Kit Earthquake 20/06/11 P
Thrift Store Heroes Get Back Together: The Acoustic EP 21/06/11 R
Tijuana Danger Dogs Total Control 21/06/11 PR
Tobias Rößler Gib nicht auf 23/06/11 P
Todd Parker and The Witches Temple of the Goddess - EP 21/06/11 IR
Tony Castles Juice 21/06/11 I
Too loud for Gregor Too loud for Gregor 20/06/11 P
Toploader A Balance To All Things 20/06/11 R
Trackshittaz Grüllarei 26/06/11 P
treiber  Breaking Sky 24/06/11 P
Ultranol Patitos De Goma 20/06/11 IP
Valise Dreamcatcher EP 26/06/11 IR
Various Artists Split EP 24/06/11 R
Varius Manx Tak, to ja 26/06/11 P
Victoria  Go Go Song 22/06/11 P
Waiting in Vain Awake Again Ep 21/06/11 IR
Widowspeak Gun Shy 21/06/11 I
Wolfs Labyrinth The Traveller 24/06/11 P
Xl  Make I Love You (Feat Gerard Fortuny & Pedro Garcia) 21/06/11 P
Younghusband Carousel / Nothing, Nothing 26/06/11 P
Zenttric Tripolar EP 20/06/11 P
UK New Single Releases Week Beginning 13/6/2011
Release dates and genres are according to Amazon. Genre key I=Independent & Alternative,  P=Pop,  R=Rock
Artist Title Release Date
5Bonds2Carbon Euphoria EP 14/06/11 P
A Renegade Theory Sweet Apocalypse EP 18/06/11 IR
Accidental Airplay Remix Saved My Life 14/06/11 P
Acer & Jerome Price Devil 13/06/11 I
Against Me! Russian Spies /          Occult Enemies 14/06/11 IR
Alban Skenderaj Bella cicatrice 16/06/11 P
Alex Clare Treading Water 19/06/11 P
Alex Hulme There Was A Boy 13/06/11 P
Alexis Jordan Happiness 19/06/11 P
And-E & Mac Lane Leave It In Your Hands EP 14/06/11 P
Andre' Brice To Catch A Thief 15/06/11 P
Andy Prinz Breaking Through 17/06/11 P
Antoniette Costa  Day 14/06/11 P
Asa Dreamer Girl 19/06/11 P
autoKratz Opposite Of Love EP 13/06/11 P
Banda Antiqua Dandalunda (feat. Aline Gonçalves) 14/06/11 P
Beate Nes Liverpool Nights 17/06/11 P
Beau and The Arrows 13/06/11 I
Beerenberg Hipster Guru 13/06/11 R
Ben Webb What Needed To Be Done 19/06/11 I
Biffy Clyro Mountains (Live from Wembley Arena) 19/06/11 I
Birk Storm My Girl 19/06/11 P
Black Moth Spit Out Your Teeth 13/06/11 R
Blood Bathory 15/06/11 R
Blue Light Club Matchstick Men - EP 13/06/11 I
Bobby Richards Beneath Your Beauty 17/06/11 R
Bp King of the Road 16/06/11 P
Brain Idea Cosmos Factory 13/06/11 R
Breathe Carolina Blackout 19/06/11 R
Brian Larsen Will You Remember Me? 14/06/11 P
Broken Bricks Jigsaw 15/06/11 R
C-Bomb Irresistible - EP 13/06/11 P
Canna Father's Back 14/06/11 P
Caroline Jokris Week-end à Rome 17/06/11 P
Cast of Ghost - The Musical for Stand Up to Cancer With You EP 19/06/11 P
Chainsaw Murphy Astronaut 17/06/11 R
Charmher Persistence 17/06/11 PR
Chester Babcock Could Yuh 17/06/11 P
Chie Takano Together 15/06/11 P
Claire Denamur Bang Bang Bang 19/06/11 P
Clarence Power Trippers 13/06/11 I
Cmg A Love 4-Ever 13/06/11 P
Cristiano Malgioglio Amica Mia 13/06/11 P
Custom Blue EP3 'The Tree' 19/06/11 I
Da Hit Boys Drink - EP 13/06/11 P
Dante Joseph In My House 18/06/11 I
Dave Bentley I'm Alive 17/06/11 P
David Charles Move / Sway 14/06/11 P
David Hodges Aka 3d Angel 13/06/11 P
David Pop Music Is Power 14/06/11 P
Dead Social Club Syrian Kisses 19/06/11 I
Destine Stay 19/06/11 R
Dev Fireball 14/06/11 P
Die Stromer Überhaupt und außerdem 15/06/11 P
Dionne Bromfield Foolin' 19/06/11 P
DJ Unwind & Kat Flaherty Bring You Back 15/06/11 P
Domenica Travixe me (Remix) 15/06/11 R
Donae'o Check My Swagga Out - Remix Bundle 13/06/11 P
Donovin Darko Through The Universe 18/06/11 P
Drake Bell Terrific 14/06/11 IR
Dry the River No Rest 19/06/11 P
Dunkelheit  Lover In the Soil 15/06/11 I
Elias Changer les mots 13/06/11 P
Elio Pace Got The Bug Back (Remix) 13/06/11 P
Elite Who owns my heart 14/06/11 R
Ella Endlich Unterwegs 13/06/11 P
Eric Abergel Depuis ce temps-là 17/06/11 P
Everlife Will It Be Enough 14/06/11 PR
Fiction (UK) Parakeets 13/06/11 I
Fiorious I'm In Love With A German Film Star / Elevator EP 13/06/11 P
Flowers In The Air Tell Me 13/06/11 P
Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks 19/06/11 I
Frida Selander Brainy Business 17/06/11 R
Funky Twinz Smile (feat. Angel J) 17/06/11 P
Gary Hilton New York 13/06/11 I
Gia Bella Jump 14/06/11 P
Goja Moon Rockah Geraldine EP 17/06/11 I
Gordon Fights Timemachine 16/06/11 R
Hard-FI Good For Nothing 19/06/11 I
Hardcore Masif Love The Way You Lie 13/06/11 P
Haujobb Dead Market 17/06/11 IR
Hello Potato! Monsters 14/06/11 I
Hibernate You And Me Know 14/06/11 P
HyougaYuu tabibito 15/06/11 P
I Fori Imperiali Musica Rossetti E Sma (feat. Naomis) 15/06/11 P
Igor A te, a me 19/06/11 P
In Confesso Sound the surrender 16/06/11 R
Interrogate Silence the Fallen 17/06/11 IR
J.P. Perfect Moment 13/06/11 P
Jacky Jean To The Top 13/06/11 R
James York Santa Monica 13/06/11 I
Jamie Walker Jamie Walker EP 13/06/11 P
Jason Derulo Don't Wanna Go Home 19/06/11 P
Jason Dottley Pop It 14/06/11 P
Jeff LeBlanc Stop My Heart 14/06/11 R
Jenn Bostic Jealous Of The Angels 14/06/11 P
Jennifer Hardy Coming Down 13/06/11 P
Jenny Gillespie Hearts for Eyes (Remixes) 15/06/11 P
Jenny Gillespie Golden Central (Remixes) 15/06/11 P
Jeremy Williams All of Me 17/06/11 P
Jesus Was Homeless Violet Line 13/06/11 IR
Jona:S Grau 17/06/11 P
Jool Alive 15/06/11 R
Josh Thorner She's Gone 13/06/11 I
Judy Bailey We're Doing It! 17/06/11 P
Julien Paterna Un air sans fin 13/06/11 P
Katelyn Tarver A Little More Free 14/06/11 PR
Kathy Sledge Give yourself up 14/06/11 P
Kenji Suzuki Bridge of Asia (Sun's gonna rise again) 15/06/11 R
Kevin Gerwin Schlandine 17/06/11 P
Lance Sitton Sunshine Goodies 13/06/11 P
Last Note. the last effect 15/06/11 P
Le doux chaos Mama Gaia 16/06/11 P
Le Monnier Con Amor Siempre 13/06/11 IR
Locas In Love An den falschen Orten 17/06/11 I
Loreta Xoxo Loreta - EP 14/06/11 P
Los Reactors Dead In The Suburbs 18/06/11 IR
Machine Head Locust (Advance Mix) 19/06/11 R
Mairead Farrell My Pace 17/06/11 I
Manu Avila & Eligor Feat Lilith Don't Wanna Cry 17/06/11 IR
Marcus Sommer & die 12. Männer Willkommen in der Hölle 17/06/11 I
Mario Basanov Lonely Days 13/06/11 P
mask munkeys Cool Me Off 14/06/11 P
Meisha The EP 17/06/11 P
Michelle Branch Loud Music 13/06/11 P
Mikael Malmborg Sommarland 15/06/11 P
Mike King Choir (MKC) Find Our Way (feat. Sacred Heart Secondary School) 13/06/11 P
Mikki Dance Lover 14/06/11 P
Milk Maid Not Me 13/06/11 I
Minor Soul Where We Belong 18/06/11 R
Miracle Bell Inhale-Exhale 17/06/11 P
Molotow Woman 13/06/11 R
Mr Big Georgia 13/06/11 R
Naoki Stand By Me 15/06/11 P
Neuser Labyrinth - Teil 1 17/06/11 IPR
New Ivory A Knight 14/06/11 P
Nick Simon Tanto lo so 13/06/11 P
Nicollette Can You Feel It? (feat. Rev-Players) 14/06/11 P
Nikos Mihas Horepse 19/06/11 P
Northern Lights World of wonders 13/06/11 P
Ocean Is Theory Future Fears-EP 14/06/11 R
Oh My! I Know You 14/06/11 IR
Olli Lindholm & Pamela Kilpeläinen Kun saapuu yö (duettoversio) 13/06/11 P
Pandemonium I Just Wanna Dance' 19/06/11 P
Parade Perfume 19/06/11 P
Part Time What Would You Say? 13/06/11 I
Peter Kitsch, Wadey Nara Colors of Love 18/06/11 P
Piru Kange Niin vähän itsestäsi 13/06/11 I
R.D If You Seek A Tranny 19/06/11 P
Redwood Fat Chance 17/06/11 P
Revere Ashia 13/06/11 R
Rick Brewster's Angels Waiting for the Sun (feat. Dave Gleeson) 13/06/11 R
Ricky Martin Más (Wally Bilingual Remix) 19/06/11 P
Rob Benninger Embers EP 14/06/11 P
Robyn Call Your Girlfriend 19/06/11 P
Rolf Rötgers Komische Sache 17/06/11 IP
Satellite Stories Family 14/06/11 R
Scott Matthew The Wonder Of Falling In Love 17/06/11 IP
SD-Jem I'll Be Around Ft. Ezee 17/06/11 P
Shanghai The Priest (EP) 13/06/11 P
Sheezy #sheezytapes 14/06/11 R
Simian Ghost Bicycle Theme 13/06/11 P
Simon Dylan In the Company of A Mirror 13/06/11 IPR
Sleeping At Last Yearbook - June - EP 14/06/11 I
Solange  I Decided, Pt. 2 ((Freemasons Remix) [Instrumental]) 14/06/11 P
SoundGirl Don't Know Why 19/06/11 P
State Road Ten Truth About Stories EP 17/06/11 R
Statuto Troppo Lontana 19/06/11 P
Stephanie K Fame Whore 14/06/11 P
Stuntman Mike Secret Forces 13/06/11 R
Sugar Garden Demo 18/06/11 I
t.o.k Yu Too Bad 14/06/11 P
Tatiana Owens Club Music 14/06/11 P
The 9ines Walk Tall 19/06/11 P
The Alive Band Crave EP 13/06/11 R
The Big Adventure Shag City 15/06/11 P
The Dangerous Summer Work In Progress 14/06/11 I
the echoes Conclusion 19/06/11 P
The Kenneth Bager Experience feat. Aloe Blacc The Sound Of Swing (Oh Na Na) 19/06/11 P
The Miserable Rich Anything's Possible 19/06/11 I
The Northern Governors Happy Souls 19/06/11 P
The Raveonettes Apparitions 13/06/11 R
The Rebel Pebbles Party Time 19/06/11 R
The Unguided Betrayer Of The Code 16/06/11 R
The View Cutting Corners EP 19/06/11 IR
The Voxx Going Out 13/06/11 I
Three Colours Firefly 13/06/11 IR
Timber Timbre Creep On Creepin' On 19/06/11 I
Tinie Tempah Simply Unstoppable (Yes Remix) 19/06/11 P
TJ Muevete! 14/06/11 P
TMS Feat. Jagga I Need You 19/06/11 P
Tommy Klapper Nicola 17/06/11 P
Top Buzzer Remission 13/06/11 R
Tor Coward Ingen skal se 13/06/11 P
Trivium In Waves 19/06/11 R
Van Dik Hout Weg Uit Nederland 19/06/11 P
Van Go Lion We Don't Miss A Beat 13/06/11 P
Van Ness Wu Is This All 16/06/11 P
Victoria S Voyeur 19/06/11 P
Waka Waka Waka Waka 14/06/11 P
Waka Waka Helele 13/06/11 R
We Are Animal Luminous Lights 13/06/11 R
Wes Carr Been A Long Time 19/06/11 P
Wired The Beat Of The Drum 14/06/11 P
XM-3A It's Possible - Part 1 13/06/11 R
Yeah No Yeah Happy Alone 14/06/11 IP
Yemi Pade Come Over 14/06/11 P
Yes We Can Fly 13/06/11 R
YéYé Remixes EP 13/06/11 P
YSE Guessing Games 13/06/11 I
Yuri Hombres Al Borde De Un Ataque De Celos 13/06/11 P
Yuya Abe Continue/Nerine 15/06/11 P
Yuya Abe Onaji Sora No Shita 15/06/11 P
Zain Lodhia Memories EP 14/06/11 PR
UK New Single Releases Week Beginning 6/6/2011
Release dates and genres are according to Amazon. Genre key I=Independent & Alternative,  P=Pop,  R=Rock
Artist Title Release Date
11 After  Choose Me 08/06/11 R
7th Day Creeps She's So Goth 08/06/11 R
A Subtle Understatement Vestige 06/06/11 R
A.D. Main Girl 07/06/11 P
Abandoned Pools Marigolds 07/06/11 IR
Airship  Kids 06/06/11 I
Aitor Galan Love (Feat Carlos Ferrara) 06/06/11 P
Alana Horne Unspoken Desires 06/06/11 P
Alb  I Beg for a Summer - EP 06/06/11 I
Alban Skenderaj Sie me pare 10/06/11 P
Alexis Jordan Hush Hush 12/06/11 P
Almost Kids Friendship 08/06/11 P
Ander Flor De Verano 07/06/11 P
Angelo Forino Sorrido un pò 10/06/11 P
Anika No One's There 06/06/11 I
Annah Mac Celia 12/06/11 P
Anniela Sin of my own 09/06/11 P
Antony Wolfson So Do I 06/06/11 P
Apeiron Restraint Apeiron Restraint EP 10/06/11 R
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Fright Night 06/06/11 I
Ascendance Shadows EP 06/06/11 I
Attention Thieves Can't Say 06/06/11 R
Auletta  Make Love Work 12/06/11 P
Avril Lavigne Smile 12/06/11 P
AWOLNATION Sail 12/06/11 R
Ayae Grace note 08/06/11 R
Bad Captain You're Not One of Us 07/06/11 PR
Baddies Tiger Face 06/06/11 P
Beaty Heart 2 Good 12/06/11 I
Best Before Dawn Abschalten 09/06/11 P
Beth Hart Take It Easy On Me 12/06/11 R
Birdy Shelter 08/06/11 I
Bronze Medallists Mathematics 06/06/11 P
Buraka Som Sistema Hangover (BaBaBa) 06/06/11 P
Burlap To Cashmere  Build A Wall 12/06/11 P
Burning Bees Nature Boy 06/06/11 I
Buster Inc. Summertime 06/06/11 P
Butterfly Fan the Inferno Sunset Scavengers 06/06/11 IR
Cassandra Michaels Shine 07/06/11 P
Catbird On a Runaway Train 06/06/11 P
Cecilia Nedgård Oh, It Makes Me Happy! 07/06/11 P
Chioke Dmachi Boyz Don't Cry 07/06/11 P
Chris Cavanaugh One of Those Things 06/06/11 R
Claire Nicolson & Larry Love  Summer Wine 06/06/11 P
Clearwood Lines 06/06/11 IR
Club Smith No Friend Of Mine / Young Defeatists 06/06/11 PR
Columbus Hubble 10/06/11 P
Concept D-D-Dance 07/06/11 P
Cornelia Mooswalder feat. G-Neila Rock The Galaxy 12/06/11 P
Cowboy Prostitutes Scary 10/06/11 IR
Dalal Taste The Night - Remixes 07/06/11 P
Daniel Corrot Lea 07/06/11 P
Davidiva Hot 12/06/11 P
Daydream Frenzy Calling Stars 11/06/11 R
Deltasound Probably 10/06/11 I
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows Sex Life 12/06/11 I
DIK Alles wat ik wil 10/06/11 P
!Distain Why (Bootlicking Hypocrites) 10/06/11 P
Disturbed Warrior 12/06/11 R
Ditte Sara Min Lyd 06/06/11 P
Ed Sheeran The A Team 12/06/11 P
Eden Hapana 06/06/11 P
Elsa Hitoshizuku 08/06/11 P
Emil Jensen  Bedrägeri 06/06/11 P
emina I'm Leaving 10/06/11 R
Enrique Iglesias Dirty Dancer 12/06/11 P
Erik & Me Einsam 10/06/11 P
Eunel Balcon del Paraiso 07/06/11 P
Evacalls Forgive Me Lover 06/06/11 PR
Falling In Reverse Raised By Wolves 07/06/11 I
Fever Charm Youth 07/06/11 IR
Fiction in Motion Today 06/06/11 PR
Finger Die! Die Superhero! 10/06/11 IR
Flyblow House Stompers E.P. 07/06/11 P
Fonda Better Days 06/06/11 I
Forgotten Species Forgotten Species EP 07/06/11 I
Freeland We Want Your Soul 06/06/11 P
Funkstar & Sputniq Hey Mar (feat. Dat Boy Fresh) 06/06/11 P
Gameard Sun Factory 08/06/11 I
Gentle Mystics Spiralling Breeze 06/06/11 I
Geoff Hoover & The Vinyl Junkies Turn It Up 07/06/11 IR
Geologist My I Love You 07/06/11 PR
Girl Peculiar Destiny 06/06/11 P
Glee Cast Bella Notte 12/06/11 P
Glee Cast For Good 12/06/11 P
Glee Cast Yeah! 12/06/11 P
Glee Cast I Love New York / New York, New York 12/06/11 P
Glee Cast As Long As You're There 12/06/11 P
Glee Cast My Cup 12/06/11 P
Glee Cast Pretending 12/06/11 P
Glee Cast Light Up The World 12/06/11 P
Glitter Freeze No Control 11/06/11 R
Helsinki Poetry Helsinki Poetry EP 12/06/11 P
Hillary Reynolds Band First Loves 06/06/11 P
Hoodlums Landmarks 12/06/11 I
I Am Giant And We'll Defy 12/06/11 R
ICF Zürich Take a Stand 10/06/11 P
Igor Le dita nel naso 10/06/11 P
Incendia Audio Adrenaline EP 06/06/11 I
Inland Sea Traitor 11/06/11 P
Inlite For Future Reference EP 07/06/11 IP
Irini Douka & Greggy K I Agapi Lene 12/06/11 P
Ivy  Distant Lights 07/06/11 I
Jamie King Ft Sway This Is The Life 12/06/11 P
Jannis Betschki No Destiny 09/06/11 P
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos Night On the Town - EP 07/06/11 R
Jessica Mauboy What Happened To Us (feat. Stan Walker) 12/06/11 P
JG  Young & Sexy 07/06/11 P
Job For A Cowboy Gloom - EP 07/06/11 R
Johnny War Machine Atlantis Rises 06/06/11 R
Jon Fratelli Baby We're Refugees! 12/06/11 I
Julien Paterna Ludivine 06/06/11 P
Jupiter Coyote Crazy Women 07/06/11 R
Kajagoogoo Death Defying Headlines - EP 12/06/11 P
Kameleontti Helmasynti 12/06/11 R
Keita The Newest Kakumei no Shoudou 08/06/11 R
Kelvin Beat  Wilma EP 07/06/11 P
Kendl Winter At the Same Time 07/06/11 I
Kevin Borg Sunrise 07/06/11 P
Kick la Luna Hier sind wir 10/06/11 P
Kim BoKyung Afterwards 12/06/11 P
King Skarthur & The Knights of the Checkered Table The Pirate's Dance 10/06/11 I
Knights On Earth From The Rubble To The Sky 07/06/11 R
Kon:trast Nordlys 06/06/11 P
Kris Baya Ain't the Same 12/06/11 P
Kuellmer Nichts fehlt 10/06/11 PR
La Bien Querida Queridos Tamarindos 06/06/11 IP
LaFee Ich Bin 12/06/11 P
Laomée C'est la vie 06/06/11 P
LaPuma Hotter 06/06/11 P
Last Nights Vice Dance While You Still Have Time 07/06/11 R
Laure Kouakou Il est puissant 07/06/11 P
Leona Anderson Solang wir noch jung sind 10/06/11 P
Little Wing The Way It Begins EP 06/06/11 I
LoryNfans Just to Sk8 06/06/11 IR
Lotus Mason Rust And Roll 06/06/11 R
Lovex U.S.A. 12/06/11 R
Luci Ella Que 07/06/11 P
Lui Kuper Vive La Vida 08/06/11 P
Luk von Bergen Mir tänzed zäme Salsa 10/06/11 PR
Madness Le Grand Pantalon (Baggy Trousers) 06/06/11 P
Maná Amor Clandestino 06/06/11 P
Margarett Todo va bien 07/06/11 P
Marianne Rosenberg Und wenn ich sing 10/06/11 P
Marienbad Flammnacht 10/06/11 IR
Max Ciogli Ore 06/06/11 IR
Mc Luvin Animal - EP 06/06/11 I
Mediate Souls Fly 10/06/11 P
Melissa Horn Innan jag kände dig 12/06/11 P
Mental Shock Total Destruction 07/06/11 R
Meteoric Cross the Edge 11/06/11 IR
Michael Mind Project feat. Sean Kingston Ready Or Not 12/06/11 P
Minda Lynn Speak To Me 07/06/11 P
Miriam Cani, Alban Skenderaj  Somebody Hurts 10/06/11 P
Mirrors Look At Me 06/06/11 P
Miss Jacobs Lisa Williams 07/06/11 P
Moods For Moderns Two Tracks Left - EP 07/06/11 P
Morning Bride Death Rattle 10/06/11 IR
Mr. Bluesman River Of Love 10/06/11 P
My Chemical Romance Bulletproof Heart 12/06/11 I
Neïmo Dancing Shadows 06/06/11 I
Nekocats she loves you 08/06/11 R
New Martini Milano ti ama 10/06/11 P
Nicholas Subraian Jag ba dör 10/06/11 P
Nick Garrie Wheel Of Fortune 06/06/11 IP
Nix Rolling EP 07/06/11 P
Nori Lets Experiment 07/06/11 P
Nyteowl Tokyo EP 07/06/11 P
Obsidian Sky Daydreams and Nightmares 07/06/11 R
Okkervil River Rider 06/06/11 I
Oneida Absolute II 06/06/11 I
Paper Hearts I Want To Be You 09/06/11 P
Paramore Monster 06/06/11 I
Paris Shakedown How's My Driving? 06/06/11 R
Pasi Ruohonen Kuunainen 12/06/11 P
Pegasus Rise Up (Black Dog) 10/06/11 P
Pete Murray Always A Winner 12/06/11 P
Pete Yorn Sans Fear 12/06/11 R
[pi !] Overcome 10/06/11 IR
Pirate Love Thirteen/Clean 06/06/11 I
Plastic Millionaires  Talk Now 06/06/11 P
Pollux From Rio À la nage 06/06/11 R
Polly Browne Dance Me To The End Of Love EP 06/06/11 P
Psychowards Ride The Future Out 06/06/11 I
Radar Mercury Thank You, Goodnight - EP 07/06/11 I
Rasmus Thude Til Månen & Tilbage 12/06/11 P
Raynasty Mr. 2am 08/06/11 P
Rigas These Days 08/06/11 P
Rise To Remain Nothing Left 12/06/11 R
Riveraire Round and Round 09/06/11 P
Rocco La Bête Monster (feat. André Brown) 06/06/11 R
Rock In Your Pocket Doubtbox 06/06/11 I
Roddy Woomble Leaving Without Gold 12/06/11 R
Rough Fields Watery Fable 06/06/11 IR
Roxum My Money's on the Bear 06/06/11 R
Ryuichiro Akamatsu The World Is Calling You 08/06/11 R
Secret Sirens My Favourite Obsession 06/06/11 P
See Camden Rays On 11/06/11 P
Seguridad Social Poco que me das 07/06/11 R
Sergio Cuho Si El Cielo No Te Perdonó 08/06/11 P
Seven Seas Seven Seas 07/06/11 R
Shockolady Dance It Out 06/06/11 P
Silent Screams Pacific Highway 07/06/11 R
Silver Street Millionaire (You Make Me Feel) 06/06/11 P
Sinemus Bungeeband 10/06/11 I
Sissy Wish Dance All Night With You 06/06/11 P
Sniderman Reason 07/06/11 P
Sons And Daughters Breaking Fun 06/06/11 I
Sound Of Sirens Unexpected 06/06/11 I
Stefan Marin feat. Eugen Brudaru In The Ocean 12/06/11 PR
Straight To Nowhere Mr. Birkenstock ('08 edition) 07/06/11 R
Streaming Lights Wait a Minute EP 10/06/11 IR
Sulo & Idde Radion Spelar Vackert 07/06/11 P
Sun Airway Wild Palms 06/06/11 I
Sunnawend Des is mei Hamat 10/06/11 P
Superhumanoids Mikelah 07/06/11 I
Superscar Modern Word For Love 12/06/11 P
Susie Clarke Sing For Me 09/06/11 P
T.A.G Four Piece Puzzle 06/06/11 P
Taking Back Sunday This Is All Now 06/06/11 I
Tanya Wall Les grimoires du temps 09/06/11 P
Telepathe Throw Away This / Destroyer 07/06/11 I
Terry Tonik Eve Of Destruction 06/06/11 I
The Big Adventure Tan Lines 06/06/11 R
The Big Adventure Crossing Over 06/06/11 R
The Border Surrender Lean Season EP 06/06/11 R
The Boxing Lesson Muerta EP 07/06/11 R
The Decour It's Been Awhile 07/06/11 R
The Goondocks Bitter Sweet 12/06/11 R
The If 6 Was 9 Project Hippie Daze 12/06/11 R
The Januariez What I Could Give You 08/06/11 IR
The Kayas I Have Been Waiting 06/06/11 I
The Knockouts I Want You To Want Me 07/06/11 R
The Lucky 27s The Lucky 27s EP 11/06/11 IR
The Marigold Vagabond 07/06/11 P
The Procession Sun Comes Around 06/06/11 R
The Rural Alberta Advantage Drain The Blood 12/06/11 R
The Strawheads Scissors Paper Stone 06/06/11 R
Theory Of A Deadman Lowlife 12/06/11 R
These Furrows Duke 12/06/11 R
Total Warr Please Never Come Back Again 07/06/11 I
Trauma I Want It All 10/06/11 I
Tripswitch Wormhole 06/06/11 IR
Two Cent Revival The Devil's In This Whiskey 10/06/11 R
Umbra Et Imago Davon geht die Welt nicht unter 10/06/11 IR
Underground Railroad Gingko Biloba/ Lucky Duck 06/06/11 I
Valerie  Encore une fois 12/06/11 P
Various Artists Be Part Of It 08/06/11 P
Verah Falls All Our Yesterdays - EP 07/06/11 R
Vita Breakaway 12/06/11 IP
Vollalarm Roboter Song 06/06/11 P
Wavin Flag Football Coming Home 08/06/11 R
Wazzinger Halb so hart 10/06/11 P
Wet Paint Gone So Long 06/06/11 I
While You Slept Two Steps Back 09/06/11 I
Wild Hope Money and Gold 06/06/11 IP
Worrawech Danuwong Thot Wela Batchep (Extra Time) 12/06/11 P
Yannick Gillissen Ich brauche dich 10/06/11 P
Young Dreams Dream alone, wake together 06/06/11 I
Yuriy from Russia Stormbird EP 07/06/11 P
Zzaj Så länge vi andas 12/06/11 P

UK New Single Releases Week Beginning 30/5/2011
Release dates and genres are according to Amazon. Genre key I=Independent & Alternative,  P=Pop,  R=Rock

Artist Title Release Date
047 Everything's Fine (feat. Lisa Pedersen) 30/05/11 P
187rec Extasy 31/05/11 P
3 Feet Smaller Vienna's Burning 03/06/11 IR
Aidan & The Italian Weather Ladies West Cork Song 03/06/11 R
Ajak Chaka chaka song 03/06/11 P
Alex Victory Insensible 01/06/11 P
Amanda Mair House 05/06/11 P
Amebix Knights of the Black Sun 03/06/11 I
Andreas Pascal Wegen Dir 03/06/11 P
Anne Mattila Sovitaan 05/06/11 P
Annette Rokitta Blumen 03/06/11 P
Antti Raiski Mahtavia unelmia 05/06/11 P
Aria Souder Dear Heart 31/05/11 IP
Ashanti Somewhere Over The Rainbow 01/06/11 P
Asura S Crown 360 02/06/11 I
Atoma Highway 01/06/11 R
Backbone Party Sharmutations EP 01/06/11 IR
Bailey Stumbling 31/05/11 P
Beat Commanders Take A Chance 30/05/11 P
Beetkraft feat Reckless & Rukus Player 05/06/11 P
Benjamin Francis Leftwich Box Of Stones 05/06/11 I
Benjamin Russell December 01/06/11 P
Big Talk No Whiskey 31/05/11 I
Blackmail Nightschool 03/06/11 I
Blackout Never By Your Side 30/05/11 R
Blanko Do You Remember? 30/05/11 I
Bleeding Fist Devil's Ferox 31/05/11 R
Bloodline One Thousand Screams - EP 31/05/11 I
Blue October The Chills 31/05/11 I
Blue Satellite Aurora EP 05/06/11 I
Blum Without You 02/06/11 R
Boy Mandeville Gorilla 30/05/11 R
Britney Spears Till The World Ends 05/06/11 P
Cascao & Lady Maru Tropical Tasting EP 03/06/11 I
Chadwick Stokes Back To The Races 30/05/11 I
Christoffer Skoug You Light My Fire EP 30/05/11 P
Chritopher Widmoser dreaming boy 03/06/11 P
Cornershop Non-Stop Radio 30/05/11 P
Dabeat Frühling 03/06/11 P
Dan Whitehouse We All Feel The Same Pain 30/05/11 I
Dananananaykroyd Muscle Memory 05/06/11 R
Dangerous! Not One Of You 31/05/11 I
Danny & Freja If Only You 05/06/11 P
Das Pop The Game - The remixes 05/06/11 P
David Bowie Vs Kcrw Golden Years (David Bowie Vs Kcrw) 05/06/11 R
David J. Roch This Is for You Whether I Have Met You or Not EP 30/05/11 I
David Myhr Looking for a Life 01/06/11 PR
De Montevert Skyll på mig 30/05/11 P
Dead And Divine Asphyxia Fiend 30/05/11 I
Deerhoof Behold a Marvel in the Darkness 31/05/11 I
Detectors No freedom - No liberty 03/06/11 IR
Dionne Bromfield Foolin' 05/06/11 P
Dollyman Dollyman - EP 30/05/11 I
Dominic Balli American Dream [feat. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.] 31/05/11 I
Dotan Daydreamer 05/06/11 P
Doughboys Live 2-song 31/05/11 R
Dylan Lloyd We Are The Same 01/06/11 R
Electronikboy Super-Héros (Remixes) 05/06/11 P
Elephanz Stereo 30/05/11 I
Emmy The Great Iris 05/06/11 I
Enrique Iglesias Dirty Dancer 05/06/11 P
Erik & Me Einsam 03/06/11 P
Erik West & The imaginary friends Wolf hunting rabbit 30/05/11 IR
Exultet Constantinopolis 31/05/11 R
Fathead  Gotta Run EP 03/06/11 P
Fatty Gets A Stylist Are You Ready? 05/06/11 P
Favez The Age Of Wonders - EP 31/05/11 I
Finnish Hockey Mafia feat. Antero Mertaranta Taivas Varjele! 05/06/11 P
Found Anti Climb Paint 05/06/11 I
Frago Leena I Wonder 03/06/11 P
Friendly Fires Live Those Days Tonight 30/05/11 I
G. Thomas Rock Tonight 31/05/11 P
Gavin DeGraw Not Over You 30/05/11 P
Glaze Reflect 01/06/11 I
GoGoBot Do You Remember? 05/06/11 P
Goodbye Stereo Sweetheart 05/06/11 R
Gux Jimenez  Circinus EP 31/05/11 P
Hanna Talikainen En Tahdo Sua Karkoittaa 05/06/11 P
Heike has the giggles Dear Fear 01/06/11 I
Hell On Wheels The Night 01/06/11 R
Holland No Control 05/06/11 IR
Holy Ghost! Wait And See 05/06/11 I
Howard/Johnson & Friends Black Hole of Love 01/06/11 R
Husking Bee The Sun And The Moon - EP 31/05/11 I
Icons Of Elegance Tales of Animals 01/06/11 I
IJ Quinn Young Soul EP 31/05/11 PR
Imperia Let Down 03/06/11 IR
Inkblots Trap Doors 04/06/11 IPR
J.P. What Do You Say Now 01/06/11 PR
Jaap Reesema Bye Bye Baby 05/06/11 P
Jacen Bruce The Siren 01/06/11 R
Jacen Bruce Hot Baby Lover 01/06/11 R
Jalexis 11 Alive 30/05/11 I
Jay Parker Just Be You 01/06/11 P
Jay Stansfield Jay Stansfield EP 30/05/11 P
Jean Pierre Fromage Camemberthe 04/06/11 P
Jean Pierre Fromage J'ai fait caca 02/06/11 P
Jenna Ehrle One By One 04/06/11 P
Jennifer O'kane No Tomorrow 01/06/11 P
Jessica 6 White Horse 30/05/11 P
Johan Agebjörn Last Day Of Summer 31/05/11 P
John Lindberg Trio Runaway Train 01/06/11 R
John Pita Color My World 01/06/11 PR
Joshua Joshua - EP 31/05/11 I
Julia Ingvarsson Tired 01/06/11 P
Julien Paterna La chance du débutant 30/05/11 P
Katherine Penfold Butterfly (feat. Nathan Crook) 31/05/11 P
Katy B Easy Please Me (Remixes) 05/06/11 P
Kayden Give A Little Love 01/06/11 P
Kelly Van Demark Love Letter 31/05/11 P
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins Bubble 30/05/11 I
Kixx Already Gone 05/06/11 P
Knock out Kaine Set the Night on Fire 05/06/11 R
Kyle Andrews Lazer Tag with Imaginary Friends 31/05/11 I
Kyle Hendricks Three Kings EP 31/05/11 P
Kylie Minogue Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) (The Remixes) 05/06/11 P
L-Kan Ganas De Drama 30/05/11 P
Larke Melt 01/06/11 PR
Last Under The Sun Beautane 30/05/11 IR
Linkin Park Iridescent 30/05/11 I
Lisa Ritchey White + Red 31/05/11 IP
Lizzie Nightingale Sparkle 30/05/11 IR
Lost Domain Smile 01/06/11 R
Ludwig Amadeus I've Been Up 30/05/11 P
Luis Haraldsson I'm Here To Play For You 01/06/11 P
Lyrian Sick Roses 01/06/11 R
Madam Butterfly Gameboy 05/06/11 P
Magalie Vaé La nausée 04/06/11 P
Magnus Ekelund & Stålet Utan er 30/05/11 P
Malik Josenius Hope and Depression 04/06/11 P
Manolito Daniel I Been Thinkin' About You Baby (All The Time) 31/05/11 P
Manos Pirovolakis Esi Pou Agapousa Toso 05/06/11 P
Manraze Over My Dead Body 31/05/11 R
Maria Mena This Too Shall Pass 05/06/11 P
Mark Sander Immer nur du 03/06/11 P
Mary-lynn Neil He's A Player 01/06/11 P
Masters In France A.I. (Artificial Inches) 30/05/11 I
Matrosen in Lederhosen Hallo kleine Lady 03/06/11 P
Mentory Dissipating Entities [EP] 01/06/11 R
Michael Bolton I'm Not Ready 05/06/11 P
Michael Franti & Spearhead I'll Be Waiting 05/06/11 R
Miles Expose 01/06/11 IP
Mina Harker Bittersüß 03/06/11 IP
Mindre Modiga Män Kroppsspråk 31/05/11 P
Mini Mansions Monk 30/05/11 I
Mississippi Queen Mississippi Queen 01/06/11 R
Mohrs Code Traders 05/06/11 P
My Island Satellite EP 31/05/11 R
Myth Terrorist 03/06/11 I
Naked Highway Pop It Drop It 31/05/11 P
Nicola Roberts Beat Of My Drum 05/06/11 P
Nisha Jammin' on a Summer's Day 30/05/11 P
Noemi Noemi EP 30/05/11 P
Ntwrk What I Want (feat. Ben Forrester) 30/05/11 P
Ocean Odlesk tvuj 05/06/11 P
Omaha Non-Par Mystifications And Self Extrications - EP 31/05/11 I
One Morning Left  !liaF cipE 30/05/11 R
Original Low Fi Zucker 03/06/11 P
Oskar Skarp Burning Like The Sun 05/06/11 P
OtherView feat Mark F Angelo I'm The One 05/06/11 P
Oyann Donnez-moi la force 02/06/11 P
P.P Meets Flora Jane Wild One 01/06/11 P
P24 Lichtjahre entfernt 03/06/11 I
Paradies Immer noch 31/05/11 P
Paradise Fears Waste of Time 31/05/11 PR
Passenger 10 & Jennifer Needles  Sun Goes Down 30/05/11 P
Paul Brady You Won't See Me 05/06/11 P
Pavs Unknown 01/06/11 R
Peaceful Start!! 01/06/11 P
Pegasus  Rise Up (Black Dog) 03/06/11 P
Peter Wilson Stereo 30/05/11 P
Phantom Tollbooth Valley of the Gwangi 01/06/11 IR
Phoenix Benajmin Tattoo Life 01/06/11 R
Piet Mondrian Carne Carne Carne Carne 31/05/11 P
Pixie Paris Ich Lieb Dich Nicht Immer 01/06/11 P
Pohlmann. Wenn Sie Lächelt EP 05/06/11 P
Prema Yin Eyo Eyo 31/05/11 P
Present Perfect Khopkhun 05/06/11 P
Psychic Dancehall A Love That Kills 31/05/11 IR
Redmojo  E.H.D 01/06/11 R
Research Turtles Mankiller 31/05/11 P
Rev-Players Tell Me (feat. Sophia Cruz) 31/05/11 P
Rhode Island Red Beige 30/05/11 PR
Rhode Island Red Stalemate 30/05/11 PR
Rolf Rötgers U-Bahn 03/06/11 IPR
Saccao Paraskevi 02/06/11 P
Sad Alice Said Clock of Eternity - EP 31/05/11 R
Sally & The Segols Chain Gang 05/06/11 IR
Selecter Big In the Body-Small In the Mind' 30/05/11 I
Simon Jay Zupa EP 31/05/11 P
Sitting Dove Sitting Dove 31/05/11 P
Skyence Millions Of Miles Ep 30/05/11 I
Sons of Soul (sos) Express Train 02/06/11 P
SoulWeaver As Simple As It Is 03/06/11 IR
SoulWeaver At The End Of The Day 03/06/11 IR
Sounds United Malta Life Goes On (Malta Red Cross) 31/05/11 P
Spainkk En contournant 05/06/11 R
Spare Snare I Am God 30/05/11 I
Stagecoach Jonah Lomu / Tony Hawk 30/05/11 IR
Stan Walker Loud 05/06/11 P
Steve Thompson Go On I Dare Ye 30/05/11 R
Sunday Driver Third Place Prize - EP 31/05/11 I
Talia Denis Walking On Top Of The World 31/05/11 R
Taro Housoukinshiyougo 01/06/11 P
Telstar Sound Drone Mirror Pieces 30/05/11 R
Tenboy The Girl In the Moon 01/06/11 P
The Beu Sisters Definition Of A Lady 31/05/11 PR
The Bunny The Bear Ocean Floor 31/05/11 R
The Chutes Brighten Up 01/06/11 PR
The Lovely Eggs Fuck It 30/05/11 I
The Lucky Strikes Easily, Easily Unitl It's Done / Carmel Oakes 30/05/11 I
The Mojo Fins The Spell 05/06/11 PR
The Nodz Holidays 30/05/11 P
The Slides Dead Letter Box EP 30/05/11 I
The Studio Band Headliner The Wall 01/06/11 P
The Syndicate All My Life 05/06/11 R
The TradeMark Experience Aura Of A Champion 31/05/11 P
The Vaccines All In White 05/06/11 IR
The Winchell Riots Figure 8s - EP 01/06/11 PR
Thomas Tantrum Hot Hot Summer EP 05/06/11 R
Thorian Jay Show It Off 30/05/11 P
Three Chord Society I Am an Ocean 03/06/11 IR
Tigger Clarkson Forget You EP 01/06/11 R
Tom Stevens Schrei nach dem Leben 03/06/11 P
Tommy Walter Nur einen Sommer 01/06/11 P
Troy DeLaRosa Incredible 01/06/11 P
Tunica Dartos Tischfussball - EP 03/06/11 R
Useless Wooden Toys Il tirannosauro 03/06/11 P
Verche  Limb EP 31/05/11 P
Vincent Black Lightning Karaoke Kid 01/06/11 IR
Vuvuzela  Schland O Schland 03/06/11 P
We Are The Ocean Runaway 05/06/11 I
We Show Up On Radar The Anchors In Your Heart 31/05/11 IR
Westball Family Band Pier-Sanbashi 31/05/11 R
When Saints Go Machine Church And Law 30/05/11 P
White Lies Holy Ghost 30/05/11 I
Ylson Marta 31/05/11 P
Ysa Ferrer Je vois 30/05/11 P
Zendaya Swag It Out 30/05/11 P
Zombie Computer Get Over You 03/06/11 IR

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